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Are you talking back to your TV yet?

Saying things like, “You’re standing too close!” “Noooooo…don’t shake her hand.” “I know there are more than 10 people in that room.”

Nostalgia. It's a traffic jam. A crowded elevator. A bad haircut.

And watching “The Office” makes us miss even the most annoying co-worker (not that I’ve personally EVER worked with anyone who was annoying).

Funny how a microscopic virus can radically shift our perspective.

Is it changing your perspective about your business, too?

Quick interruption for my nonprofit friends...I’ve preached forever that nonprofits have to balance mission with business. So, nonprofits, lean into this business talk.

Aren't you impressed with how quickly many businesses pivoted their messaging? The Google ad. Target. Kia. Websites. Podcasts. And pivoted their business model? Online dance classes. Family packs and curbside delivery from fine dining restaurants. Hanes making face masks. Virtual happy hours. You name it, businesses in every sector - including nonprofits - stepped up to the challenge.

What about your organization?

Did your leadership quickly convene and sketch out a 30-60-90 day crisis response? Did it create contingency plans? Did you communicate that plan with compassion and transparency to your staff and stakeholders?

Have you spent this time reaching out to your customers and clients? To your donors?

Just as importantly, are you looking ahead and planning for how you are coming out of this pandemic? That’s right. We will come out on the other side. And your organization WILL look different.

The question is, how will you lead your business out of this crisis? Will you lead with an understanding that nostalgia has its place, but not as a vision statement? Will you recognize the opportunity to change and be better.

The old ways of doing things simply won’t suffice moving forward. A glaring light has exposed weaknesses, disparities and failures to innovate.

The light has also highlighted true leaders, the vulnerability to admit mistakes, new collaborations and creative answers to problems we glossed over previously.

Which light are you leaning into? What future are you creating? What kind of leader will you be?

Do not let suffering stand get the upper hand. You are stronger than you know. How you respond and how you change are the strongest predictors of your and your organization’s future success.

Take care of yourself, be safe, stay hopeful, seek joy. The world needs your gifts now more than ever.

Live generously,

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