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Ginny Bass Carl

Chief Guide & Change Maker
Difference Maker

Ginny Bass Carl is a lawyer 3 times over, fundraiser, donor, and a planned giver herself. She has two kids, Collin and Rachael, a husband, Peter, and dog, Kenzie. She's a trustee, executor, member of various boards of directors, and an avid volunteer. A self-described governance junkie, voracious reader and foodie, Ginny has a serious case of wanderlust and a desire to change the world one planned gift at a time.

Ginny is licensed to practice in Hawaii, Texas and Oklahoma and is a fifth-generation Oklahoman. She has honed her skills working for and serving on the boards of small and large nonprofits, local and statewide, in multiple sectors from education and health to social services and religion.

"I'm here to make a difference, and I do that through philanthropy -- a big word that I want to bring to life for you. I believe philanthropy has to be taught, and I love teaching! I also love asking questions, sharing stories, building relationships, creating and working plans, and ultimately, giving well. You want to experience the greatest joy with money? Give well. I'll help you figure out how by showing you how."


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Our Approach

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Philanthropy is more than fundraising. It’s more than estate planning. It’s more than writing a check to charity. Philanthropy is personal. Our approach is personal. Philanthropy is about helping others. We are here to help you help others.

There is so much opportunity to make a difference, but true impact requires donors, nonprofits and professional advisors working together.

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