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with planned giving, fundraising, board development strategies and trainings
Engage Your Board
Raise More Money
Balance Mission and Business
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Your mission is too important to fail.

Now more than ever, nonprofit staff and board members have to come together to connect and engage donors. You must get laser-focused, communicate, pivot, and keep moving forward.

Conquer the fear of not enough money, not enough time, and the frustration of a board that hates fundraising.
Unlock your nonprofit’s potential and experience sustained success.

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Grow the impact of your mission. Hit the ground running with inspiration and know-how. The world will be a better place when you fulfill your mission with confidence and a smart, personalized plan. When you help others give well.

Engage your board
Get your board “on board” with fundraising and good governance through training and retreats.

Raise more money
Boost fundraising, build sustainability with legacy giving, and help donors experience the greatest joy in giving.

Balance mission with business
It’s the best of both worlds when you focus on your passion and running a smart nonprofit.

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We hear you.

The competition to raise money is fierce for nonprofits…and it’s exhausting.

Burn out is real. Year end is looming. Your board is going through the motions (pun intended).

You deserve an expert who understands. Who’s been there. Who can train and equip you with proven tools to tap into resources beyond annual gifts. Who can elevate your board to perform better and fundraise. Who knows firsthand that legacy giving is how we change our community. Who believes in you and your mission.

From chairing boards to running a wildly successful planned giving program, Giving Well brings philanthropic expertise, legal training and decades of social capital to your nonprofit. It’s time to drop the “what if's,” “if only's” and “I’m not sure's,” and get the help you need. The help your mission deserves.

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Where do you need help the most?

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Be better and do better with Giving Well

Copy of Giving Well

Stop exhausting yourself on the hamster wheel that is annual funding.

Don’t leave any more money on the table. You can have your cake and eat it too. Donors who name nonprofits in their estate plans on average increase their annual giving. Invest today for a sustainable tomorrow built on strong boards, engaged donors and inspired legacy giving.

When nonprofits don’t raise enough money, people don’t get the help they need and communities suffer. Giving Well has the training and tools to build a loyal donor base, grow endowments with planned giving and raise the funds to fulfill your mission.

Investing in your staff and board yields tremendous results. It sets you apart from the competition, helps you build better connections with your donors and creates resource development that gets phenomenal results.

Investing in fundraising gives you the know-how that gives you the edge and lets you serve your donors like no other. An engaged donor base is a loyal donor base. And loyal donors are the best planned giving prospects. Imagine the call telling you your nonprofit is the beneficiary of a will and will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Did you know over 95% of wealth is in non-cash assets like stocks, real estate, and business interests?

Investing in planned giving creates sustainability, builds a margin for the future and lets you implement those strategic goals you’ve put on hold. What if you had the money to expand your program, serve more kids, expand to a new location? Imagine an endowment that earns you 5, 10, 20 percent or more of your annual operating budget.

Be better and do better with Giving Well.

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