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Giving is an essential need

Happiest of Fridays! And Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers

I’ve written before about the need for nonprofits to NOT go silent. To connect and communicate with donors, now more than ever. To be transparent about needs. To reach out, not from a place of anxiety, fear or scarcity. But to reach out with a heart of concern, care, compassion and common sense. To operate in an abundance mindset. To ask.

But in addition to being a fundraiser, even before I was a fundraiser, I was and am a donor. Strike that. I’m a philanthropist (because I know it’s about mindset, intention and purpose, not dollars). To put it simply, I’m a giver. It’s part of my lifeblood. It’s part of my soul.

The studies and stories back me up. Giving is not only an essential need. Giving expands you, your opportunities and your purpose. Giving gives more meaning to your life.

Whether it’s time, talent or treasure, when you reach inside yourself and offer to another something you value, you’re ensuring not only that the world continues to turn, but that you continue living.

Some will roll their eyes when you say, “it’s not about the dollars.” But it’s not (entirely). It’s also more than participation, although that’s significant. Giving is about our very humanity and the recognition that we cannot go through this life alone. Giving is connecting and growing.

It’s that moment when you give of yourself and realize, like the Grinch, your heart grew ten sizes that day.

To quote the intrepid Mike Turpen, “You ain’t living if you ain’t giving!"

When you keep it all to yourself - whether that’s money, time, caring, a smile - little by little you shrink. Your view narrows. Your very capacity to receive reduces.

So to my wonderful friends, colleagues, neighbors, I ask you to please give. Now more than ever. Maybe it’s an extra dollar or two for a tip to your food deliverer. Maybe it’s taking your child for a walk when you’d rather curl up with a glass of wine and Netflix. Maybe it’s $500 to your favorite cause.

You pick. If you give from the heart and be open to receiving, I promise your step will be lighter and you’ll know you filled one of your own essential needs.

And since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, give a little extra to a mother in your life!

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