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Reengagement. Reentry. Return.

All words used to describe this next stage of life as we muddle through a pandemic and economic crisis. How are you feeling about it? "Weird" and "anxious" to be sure. "Wary" and "apprehensive" maybe. "Ready"? Hmmm...

I admit using a word - a concept that starts with “re” - provides some level of comfort. A dose of the familiar. But, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Voyages are meaningless if nothing changes. Think of the transformation of Odysseus in the quintessential hero’s journey by Homer.

We can do hard things. Including being intentional about reentry. And being better and doing better on the other side.

Right now we have a gift. The gift of slowing down to really look at our options. The gift to be intentional. The gift to choose which road we will take on this journey to the other side. The gift of shedding what did not work and internalizing some new habits.

Here’s my down and dirty list as I start contemplating how I choose (and, yes, we have a choice) to reenter / reengage / return. I’ll edit, add to, subtract from, and examine more deeply my choices. But I invite each of you to start making your list and laying out your reengagement journey. You get to make your own map, and follow it at your speed.

PSA: I have one request - for Pete’s sake! please keep wearing a mask when out in public for now (or I might have to “corona-shame” you!).

What I truly miss:

  • three dimensional meetings (grateful for Zoom, but it’s a supplement not a true substitute)
    my son’s grad school graduation (Collin James Groves, MBA, Class of 2020, Georgetown - momma brag moment) 👏🎓🎉💯
  • hugging
  • the energy of engaging IRL (because in real life, all my senses are engaged)
  • having some place to go (other than my computer screen for another Zoom meeting)
  • ebb and flow rhythms of life rather than being stuck in the fifth gear of constant chaos, urgent and unknown
  • seeing people’s smiles (why does everyone look so serious in a mask??)
  • the “hot” in hot yoga
  • dinner parties with close friends and family
  • my nephew’s high school graduation
  • in person treatment and help for people hurting and in recovery
  • travel
  • gasoline over $2.50/gallon

What I love right now:

  • John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”
  • 1:1 time with friends, even 6 feet apart
  • an old-fashioned phone conversation
  • evenings warm enough to sit outside
  • the grace we’re giving - and receiving - for trying new things (pivoting!!)
  • Trader Joe’s consistent attention to healthy practices
  • less traffic
  • the best mayors in David Holt and GT Bynum
  • Pantsuit Politics podcast with its currency of nuance and grace
  • the collaboration of our local funders through the Funders Roundtable
  • the leadership of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
  • the teacher parade down my street for Nichols Hills Elementary
  • OMRF’s informative, hopeful and scientifically based emails
  • ReMerge’s Mother’s Day campaign messages from their wonderful, resilient moms
  • snail mail and the wonderful notes I’ve received from friends
  • a greater willingness to ask for help
  • knowing we can do hard things

Live generously,

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